Month: February, 2011

Norway, Bylarm, Spain, live video & a remix

The Norwegian release of the album went very well. The reviews of the album were pretty great and K.I. & T.F.M. have played a bunch of live shows for smiling audiences.

K.I. & T.F.M. will play two shows during By:larm this year.
The first will be on Sellout! Music’s labelnight at Revolver the 16th along
with Hiawata and Munn til Munn Metoden. This show will be a solo-show, without the Freedom Machines.

The second will be at Rockefeller on the 19th at 22.30.
This will be a full band show.

These shows will be great, so don’t miss out!

The album will be out shortly through Rock Indiana Records in Spain, and it will be followed up with a tour this spring.

More info on that later.

Here’s a clip from an in-store concert at Big Dipper in Oslo that was done to celebrate the red vinyl release of the album.

And here’s an acoustic clip from a radioshow at Radio Nova.

Kenneth Ishak & the Freedom Machines – Bottom of the Valley from Radio Nova on Vimeo.


Here’s a nice remix done by Torkelsen (Munn til Munn Metoden) who also plays keyboards/samples in the Freedom Machines now and then.

Feel free to download it and share it with your friends.